When Arriving:
1. Turn humidistat to ON, from 60%, set temperature to 76 degrees (or where comfortable).
2. Open water shut off valve in closet by hot water tank.
3. Turn on hot water fuses 9 and 11 (under cloth artwork, by thermostat).
4. Use a wrench (on porch) to open tightened hurricane shutters.
5. Turn on ice maker in freezer (lower arm).
6. Note: Phone calls need 10 digits for local and long distance, number here is ??? ???-???? New number to be determined.

When Leaving long term:
1. Check all drawers, under the bed, in the dryer, etc. and take all of your items.
2. Throw out all perishable food items in the refrigerator and elsewhere, and take them to the trash coral outside.
3. Clean the condo so it is as clean as when you moved in.
4. Close and lock the porch screen door, then close all the hurricane shutters on both sides, tightening the screws slightly with a wrench.
5. Turn OFF hot water fuses 9 and 11 (under cloth artwork, by thermostat).
6. Close water shut off valve in the closet by the hot water tank.
7. Turn Honeywell humidistat to 60%, set temperature to 74 degrees.
8. Turn off ice maker in freezer (raise arm).
9. Give us your new mailing address so we can return your security deposit ($1,500, as long as no damages and left clean), jeffdils@yahoo.com, or ldideals@gmail.com or 734 719-0855. For rentals starting in 2017 and later the security deposit is one months rent required by the Association to cover the grounds and we require $1,000 security deposit for the condo and contents.
10. Leave both sets of keys and the remote control on the counter, and lock the bottom handle on your way out. Make sure screen door latches.
We hope you enjoyed your stay. . .